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We modernized The Carpet Shoppe's digital presence to showcase its legacy of timeless quality and memorable customer service.


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We helped The Carpet Shoppe weave its iconic legacy into a modern, on-trend digital presence.

Since 1970, The Carpet Shoppe's candy-striped awnings have been a fixture at the intersection of Glenstone and Seminole in Springfield, Mo. Most locals can sing the flooring company's signature jingle on command (including everyone on our team—try us), and the silhouette of the "lady at the loom" has been working away in The Carpet Shoppe logo since the day its doors opened. There's no doubt about it—The Carpet Shoppe has serious local brand equity.

The Carpet Shoppe was approaching 49 years in business when its team reached out to us to update the company's aging website. The Carpet Shoppe team knew the site was failing in more ways than one: it didn't offer up any helpful information that helped potential shoppers take the next step in their flooring purchase process, and it didn't showcase The Carpet Shoppe's flooring expertise, generous financing benefits, or diverse product selection.

From our first meeting, we knew that building a beautiful new website for The Carpet Shoppe was secondary to helping this heritage brand reclaim its identity. By forming a brand story based on insights we discovered in our research phase, we helped The Carpet Shoppe lay claim to what kind of brand it is at the core of it all. That foundation made all the difference in designing, writing, and building a new digital presence that perfectly adapted The Carpet Shoppe's values for decades of continued success.

Launched in January 2019, The Carpet Shoppe's updated website is clean and crisp with messages that communicate trust, expertise, locality, and approachability.

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Our research phase helped us make better, more informed decisions about The Carpet Shoppe's brand and website.

At the beginning of our partnership with The Carpet Shoppe, we took a few short weeks to conduct a four-part research phase that helped us clarify how our expertise could The Carpet Shoppe team reach its goals.

We found that The Carpet Shoppe needed one unified message—and several customer touchpoints.

The Carpet Shoppe’s existing customer base adored and trusted them, but that base’s willingness to share their enthusiasm with others was at risk of being maxed out. On the other hand, the age and geographic proximity of The Carpet Shoppe’s potential customer base had a lot of potential. But to turn them into a new generation of loyal customers, The Carpet Shoppe needed to send out one cohesive message about its identity and make its flooring selection more accessible in ways that complimented the changing tides of how customers shop for flooring in the first place.

We discovered 12+ grounding truths about The Carpet Shoppe's identity.

So we got to work re-aligning The Carpet Shoppe's brand message. We identified more than a dozen grounding truths about The Carpet Shoppe, from its high Net Promoter Score™ to the reputations of the brands it carries. These truths helped us create a more up-to-date vision of The Carpet Shoppe's core brand. This time around, it was marked by locality, expertise, innovation, relationships, and quality.

Our last task was to blend The Carpet Shoppe's identity with a thoroughly modern user experience that catered to residential flooring shoppers' expectations.

We created a website showcasing The Carpet Shoppe's brand story and product availability.

Three short months after finishing up our research phase, we launched's site with these custom features:

  • A user-friendly Craft content management system (CMS)
  • Attention-grabbing load-in animations
  • A siteflow dedicated to paths that guide users to request an in-home flooring estimate
  • A featured flooring module perfect for at-a-glance product browsing
  • Multiple touch points that cater to customers at every stage of their flooring purchasing cycle
  • A dedicated Specials & Financing page that showcases seasonal offers and key customer benefits
  • SEO for flooring-specific key terms

We brought each feature to the forefront of users' site browsing experience by designing with meticulous attention to detail and weaving The Carpet Shoppe's brand story and grounding truths into every headline, paragraph, and call-to-action.

The Carpet Shoppe's new site saw dramatic SEO & search visibility improvement within a few months.

Within four months, The Carpet Shoppe saw marked improvement for every last key term optimized on the new site, putting it on par—and in some cases well ahead—of established competitors' SEO rankings:

  • Non-ranking key terms improved by an average of 22 rankings
  • Three highly competitive terms emerged into the top 10 of Google search results
  • Four highly competitive terms previously in the top 10 of Google search results replaced competitors' results in the first three slots

The Carpet Shoppe's web traffic in its first post-launch quarter saw a 72% improvement in organic search traffic.

“If we ever have any questions, Mostly Serious is there to support us. It feels like we’re all one big team working towards the same end goal. There’s a level of trust there that we all want what’s best for our company.”

— Stacy Tillman Pihana, The Carpet Shoppe
— Stacy Tillman Pihana, The Carpet Shoppe

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