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We created a modern digital presence for UMMA that's built for longevity and growth.


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The United Marine Manufacturer's Association (UMMA) is highly relevant to the independent boat-builders it serves and represents, but its stagnant web presence had failed to keep up with the organization's growth and success.

UMMA came to Mostly Serious looking for a clean and modern new design, improved support for their members, and increased recruitment of new builders and suppliers to join their collective.

Through our collaborative process, we grew to understand the structure of the organization and its relationship with members. The result is a website built from the ground up, and an upgraded member experience both online and on land.

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Current and prospective members encounter a sleek, easy-to-navigate design, improved access to resources, and robust directories and profiles for both builders and suppliers.

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Refreshed Design Makes Waves

The main element of branding we had to build from was UMMA’s logo, so we took that as inspiration, along with nautical imagery, being careful to stay away from an overly literal nautical theme. (Going overboard, if you will.) Elements are subtle instead, like the faintly floating animation, blue overlay on photos, and the use of lines and stripes to complement the logo. This design choice also ensured the site remained representative of the diverse range of boat makers that UMMA serves.

Collaboration Leads to Business Support

The annual Partnership Conference is a cornerstone of UMMA’s service to its members, providing opportunities for cooperation, exposure to industry trends, and quality networking for suppliers and builders. The new website serves as a portal before, during, and after the event, allowing for real-time updates that help the conference run more efficiently.

Listening to UMMA’s business needs and current challenges allowed us to adapt a website plan that not only met their immediate website objectives, but set them up for successful growth into the future. (Smooth sailing, you might say.)

"I knew we needed a company like Mostly Serious that would work with us to start fresh with a stable foundation we can build on in the future. The team listened and asked questions, met us where we were, and gave us something that fit for us—not just a website in a box. People rarely looked at our old site, but now it's our favorite resource."

Paije Luth, Marketing & Communications Director at UMMA
Paije Luth, Marketing & Communications Director at UMMA
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